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As a communications, branding and marketing consultant based in Pensacola, Florida, I help bring brand messages to life. By strategically partnering with your team, I provide experienced services for a set amount of time or for a specific project.



Communication & Marketing Assessment

If you are looking to develop ways to enhance your communications and marketing, I provide full communication and marketing assessment. The scope can range from the institutional/organizational level to specific initiatives or projects, such as evaluating your social media presence. I utilize a combination of interviews, focus groups, surveys and dialogue sessions to discover and articulate how to take your brand to the next level.  

Strategic Communication Planning

How do your communications tactics come together to align with your organization’s goals? A strategic communications plan that outlines your key audiences, messages and strategies is the most effective and efficient way to make the most of the time and money you spend communicating about your organization.

Crisis and Reputation Management 

With extensive knowledge and experience in crisis communications and reputation management, I provide expert support for organizations. I’m available to consult with you and assist your team in dealing with any crisis that may come your way–from natural disasters and environmental emergencies to accidents, global pandemics and reputation issues.



Brand Asset Development 

Managing a brand from the top-down is critical to effective brand management. I develop extensive brand assets and toolkits for organizations that create brand awareness and ambassadorship throughout every area of your organization. I create a wide variety of assets including messaging, photo and video assets, social media tips, brand galleries, editorial style guidelines and promotional item guidelines, among others. These assets are completely customizable and adaptable to your specific needs. 

Brand Guidelines & Policies

I work with organizations to develop brand guidelines, policies and procedures that create brand synergy. I engage every stakeholder throughout the process, ensuring buy-in and optimal implementation. This includes but is not limited to brand, media relations, social media, internal communications, electronic communications and web. 



Media Training 

I provide immersive, virtual media relations training from executives to entry-level team members. Attendees learn how to predict questions, avoid common traps, and focus on delivering key messages. 

Media Expert Database 

I work with your team to identify and vet potential spokespeople on specific topics and develop a searchable directory of experts who are available for media interviews on a wide range of topics. This helpful directory for journalists will help your organization boost its publicity significantly.



Feature Writing

Let your partners, customers, students, donors, alumni and friends tell your organization’s story for you. Weaving in your key messages, feature stories give your audiences a personal look into your organization, seen through the eyes of an organizational ambassador. And you get content, content, content for your printed pieces, website and social platforms.

Executive-Level Ghostwriting 

Through my extensive experience ghostwriting for presidents, CEOs and leaders of national organizations, I bring the executive administration’s vision to life. From blogs and viewpoints to annual reports, I find and articulate your leader’s voice. 

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